Instant Gratification

 We have the internet and we have instant coffee (yuck!).  Wall Street has seduced us into believing we can have what we want, whenever we want it.  And now we are all paying the price for that.  All truly worthwhile things are not instant.  While there is love at first sight and the glory of a morning these things do not just suddenly happen.  Your good credit does not just happen.  It takes a concerted effort for you to establish and maintain your good credit.

 We are here to help you make a better life for you and your family.  If your credit score is good or excellant that is fantastic!  There are some truly awesome deals to be had.  Let us help you be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that currently exist in the real estate market.  If your credit has some bumps and bruises we can show you how to go about the task of cleaning up your credit.

 We are living in some very unusual times.  The financial markets are on a daily rollercoaster ride.  The requirements for obtaining financing for homes also changes almost as rapidly.  Whether you are looking to buy your first home, refinance your current house or obtain financing for an investment property or business we are here to help you.  Together, we can work out a custom plan that meets your individual needs.  Click here for additional information on our programs.   For the most up to date information contact us here.

There is no EZ anything in life. There IS easier however.  If you wait until next week or next month to begin recapturing your future, I promise human nature will take over.  The time to plan and implement is now.  In fact lack of a plan now will likely diminish the chances you currently have. The time to begin, the time to begin building momentum in your life, is now...right now...

Part of life is leisure, but a good part of life is work of some kind, and that is real life.  There is nothing wrong with being discouraged or tired but you simply can't use those feelings as excuses to distract you from your goal.

 Call Now!  Choose to make a better life for you and your family. 


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They should call you the "Mortgage Mom"!

Bill Thomas


We wanted to thank you for the times you helped us refinance our old house. Also, without you guys, we don't know how we would have made out with the new house we are living in now. Anyone who wants to buy a house should come to see you first. God Bless you.

Jim and Sue Bringman


Thanks for all your work and dedication to helping us with funding our new home and with pulling everything together to help with a speedy closing on the property. We closed Friday and all went well. We will recommend your services to friends in the future. Thanks again for all!

Dwayne Baker


Working with YES Financial for our mortgage loan was a satisfying experience. Because of Barbara's vast experience, we were able to secure a mortgage loan with favorable rates and terms. We would definitely recommend her to our friends seeking to obtain a residential loan.

Glaucio & Brenda Silva