Do's and Don'ts when Seeking a Mortgage


 1. DO save all the money you can toward downpayment and closing
 2. DO pay all your bills in a timely manner.
 3. DO keep your credit card balances as low as possible.
 4. DO check your credit report once a year. Correct any
 5. DO get prequalified by a reputable lender, to see what
    amount of house you can afford.

 1. DON'T job-hop. Now is the time to show the lender that you
    are a stable person.
 2. DON'T borrower money unless it's necessary. Do you really
    need a new car this year? Identify what is a need and what
    is a want in your life.
 3. DON'T allow your credit report to be pulled excessively. This
    can pull credit scores down.
 4. DON'T fall for credit repair scams. The best person to fix
    your credit is you.
 5. DON'T allow your hard-earned money to "leak" away. Buy a
    small notebook, and track all of your expenses for 1 month:
    list everything from rent, utilities, car payment, credit
    cards, down to the smallest expenses, like that cup of
    coffee you pick up on the way to work in the morning. This
    will allow you to reign in those hard to track expenses.


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They should call you the "Mortgage Mom"!

Bill Thomas


We wanted to thank you for the times you helped us refinance our old house. Also, without you guys, we don't know how we would have made out with the new house we are living in now. Anyone who wants to buy a house should come to see you first. God Bless you.

Jim and Sue Bringman


Thanks for all your work and dedication to helping us with funding our new home and with pulling everything together to help with a speedy closing on the property. We closed Friday and all went well. We will recommend your services to friends in the future. Thanks again for all!

Dwayne Baker


Working with YES Financial for our mortgage loan was a satisfying experience. Because of Barbara's vast experience, we were able to secure a mortgage loan with favorable rates and terms. We would definitely recommend her to our friends seeking to obtain a residential loan.

Glaucio & Brenda Silva